The educational institutions are becoming very complex in the modern times as they have different process like admissions, placements, finance management, library management, hostel management and many other internal and external processes. So we are designed an integrat6ed system to manage all these things which can automate all the internal and external process of an educational institution. It helps for the better run of an educational institution. It reduces the work load of the teachers and other authorities of the school, colleges and many other educational institutions.

Our educational ERP helps your institution to finish everything in time and make the school authority to relax and tension free. It has only a lower cost and can work at any atmosphere. And through our educational ERP, we can make you success through your IT infrastructure. You will have best information security through our solution in which you will be very comfortable.

Our aim is to give help to all the educational institutions for the better administration and running through which the institution can provide quality education to the students and the whole society. Our Educational ERP is very cheap and it will also reduce institution's cost replacing many things with our Educational ERP. So have trust on our Educational ERP and be successful in running educational institution.

Educational ERP Modules

Online Admission Modules.

E-library Modules.

Learning management Modules.

Financial Accounting module.

Hostel and Transportation Management modules.

Career and Placement modules.

HR Management.

Examination modules.

Academic managementModules.

Communication Modules.